Hello all,
It all started around late 2000. I have always had a good sense of humour and could see the funny side of things. I thought it would be great if the funny things I could see in my mind I could also put them on a piece of paper so all could see what I was imagining.

The only problem was I couldnít draw all that well.

These two drawings are a couple of the first caricatures that I ever attempted.

D2 D1

I would watch TV and record the program then rewind and play it again. Then press the pause button and try and draw the person.

So I enrolled to do a correspondence course through the College of Journalism in Sydney. The course was called the Australian Freelance Cartoonistís & Illustratorís course.

Once completed I registered my business name, placed an add in the yellow pages, joined the Australian Cartoonists Association and was luckily to get my sister to make a web site for me. Then I started taking enquires and began stepping outside my comfort zone.

I have continued to do short courses including life drawing and drawing on the right side of the brain courses as well as computer courses. Practicing develops your style.

I enjoy the speed of live caricaturing, the quietness of studio caricatures, the discipline of portrait drawing, the awakening of an image with charcoal and the joy of telling a story with cartoons.