Image1What are the costs?

It all depends on what you are after.
Everyone has a different goal.

Let me know what you are after and I can provide a quote.

I use our cartoon association’s recommended rates as a guideline;

I work on my cartoon business part time but treat the business as just that. It is a business that provides enjoyment and an income.

I can do live caricature work which is good for conferences, weddings, etc.
Cost is $220.00 per hour inc GST.

Studio Caricatures.

I work from photos. I would need at least three recent photos which are a good likeness emailed at a good resolution. Nice smiley shots are the best.  Please specify the eye colour - digital images tell lies!!

As an example a simple black and white caricature from the shoulders up would take two hours approximately. Cost would be $110.00 inc GST.

The process would be I would provide a rough image for you to consider. We can make some changes at this point. When agreed on these changes I would then move to provide a final image. If changes were needed after this point extra charges may be incurred.

If you want colour, more people and props then that will add to the time and add to the cost.

I provide the image as a high resolution file.



All artwork produced by Chris Wilson is subject to Australian and international copyright laws. Artwork is produced for non commercial use. If you intend to use the artwork for promotional purposes, you must advise this in writing as this will incur an additional fee.

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